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Palestine launches tender for 20 MW solar module assembly line

PV Magazine 16 Aug 2021
The project is envisioned to be commissioned in the year of 2022 and is part of a holistic national strategy geared towards sustainable energy transition in Palestine.” ... Palestine had just 55 MW of solar capacity at the end of 2020, according to International Renewable Energy Agency figures.

Keep Israel and Palestine green and clean - opinion

The Jerusalem Post 28 Jul 2021
One area that Israel has postponed for a year and Palestine does almost nothing about is in the field of energy. There is no reason why both Israel and Palestine cannot reach 50% renewable energy by 2030 ... This has been a major stumbling block in creating a commercial renewable energy market in Palestine.

Israel bans entry of fuel for Gaza power plant

Anadolu Agency 25 Jul 2021
He said Israeli authorities did not clarify the reason behind the move ... Reporting by Nour Abu Eisha in Gaza City, Palestine. Writing by Ahmed Asmar. Anadolu Agency. .

US military presence in Iraq not ‘expected to change’: Report

Press TV 24 Jul 2021
Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has headed to Washington to demand that all US combat forces pull out of the Arab country ... Analysts, however, believe US forces' true mission is to protect Washington’s interests in energy resources while safeguarding the Israeli regime’s expansionists policy in Palestine ... ... .

The importance of the local in today’s context

Resilience 23 Jul 2021
... choice award in the energy category ... A great example of this is Pengon-FOE Palestine, where women lead the transition to clean energy sources despite the permanent military occupation of the territory and a strongly patriarchal social context that does not facilitate action.

A third of young US Jews see Israel as genocidal, poll finds

The Electronic Intifada 15 Jul 2021
It is a bad faith strategy that aims to punish and scare people into silence about Palestine and absorb all the energy that might go into advocating for Palestinian rights into defensively debating what is and is not anti-Semitic.

An Amazing way to start your day

Palestine Herald-Press 01 Jul 2021
Shake up your day with a beverage from Palestine’s Amazing Nutrition & Energy ... “While there are some healthy options, Palestine didn’t have any type of healthy meal replacement options and that is when I decided to open Palestine’s Amazing Nutrition & Energy,” Walley said.

Gaza ambulance crews use yoga to relieve stress after clashes

The Jerusalem Post 22 Jun 2021
IDY in Palestine ...India in Palestine - الهند في فلسطين (@ROIRamallah) June 21, 2021. The activity was organized by the Positive Energy Club in Gaza with the cooperation of the Representative Office of India to the State of Palestine in Ramallah ... It's very important that we reinforce their positive energy through the practice of yoga.

Will Iranian supply change the course of oil prices?

The Times of India 21 Jun 2021
Subsequently, WTI crude touched a high of $70.62 per barrel (Rs 5,150) on June 9, supported by factors such as post-Covid demand from China, improvement in EU and US economies, weakness in the dollar index, a delay in the Iran sanction removal deal and the geopolitical tensions between Israel and Palestine.

EasTex Solar capturing local solar energy market

Palestine Herald-Press 08 Jun 2021
Solar panels are creeping onto rooftops and into yards in Palestine and the surrounding area as property owners are buying in to harvest the sun’s energy. Some consumers are taking advantage of low prices, yet solar energy has a dark side ... EasTex Solar, the first Palestine-based solar company, wants to bring solar energy to the area affordably.

The Democratic primary for lieutenant governor is wide open. Here's a look at the six candidates.

The Roanoke Times 06 Jun 2021
Ayala is the favored candidate of mega-donor Dominion Energy, and she accepted $100,000 from the monopoly utility after previously saying she would never accept its donations ... His parents moved to the United States from Palestine, and he was first elected to the legislature in 2014.

Former leaders condemn ‘obstruction’ of international court’s Palestine investigation

The Irish Times 31 May 2021
More than 50 former foreign ministers, taoiseach, prime ministers and senior international officials, including former taoiseach John Bruton, have signed an open letter condemning political interference in efforts by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine.
photo: AP / Bas Czerwinski
Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in the courtroom of the International Criminal Court (ICC) during the closing statements of the trial of Bosco Ntaganda, a Congo militia leader, in The Hague, Netherlands, Tuesday Aug. 28, 2018.

Senior figures attack ‘obstruction’ of ICC’s Palestine investigation

The Observer 31 May 2021
More than 50 former foreign ministers, prime ministers and senior international officials, including two British Conservative former ministers, have signed an open letter condemning political interference in efforts by the international criminal court (ICC) to investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine.

Zionist Groups in US Operate Campaigns to Quash Palestine Solidarity on Campus

truthout 27 May 2021
His reporting confirmed what many advocates for Palestine already suspected. The lobby is funding complex surveillance operations to undermine Palestine activists, particularly those on college campuses ... Student activists are forced to reallocate their energies away from effective advocacy for Palestine and towards addressing suppression campaigns.

From Karachi to Sheikh Jarrah: The Why and Why Not of Palestine Solidarity in Pakistan

The Palestine Chronicle 27 May 2021
why invest our energies into solidarity with Palestine and not closer to home? Who will speak of the atrocities being wrought by a twenty-year war in Afghanistan or Waziristan, the internal colonization of Balochistan, the evictions and land theft in Karachi or the cultural and material marginalization of the Seraiki belt?.